Local SEO has a special place in our history. Many years ago (in 2011) Bryant and Aaron won an international SEO competition doing local SEO. You can read about that victory here.

Over the past few years, we have enjoyed learning and testing every aspect of local SEO that we could get our hands on. We have gathered valuable insight from industry standards like David Mihm, and Andrew Shotland. Our experience in local search has helped nation-wide companies grow their sales and it has helped local companies out-perform their larger and more established competitors. By the way, if you have a company that needs Local SEO, let us know. We would love to help you dominate your competition. Well inbound marketeers, it is past-time I contribute something to the local marketing niche.

Here is a long, long list of local citation websites. This is a big part of the list that we have used on our own clients. As you can imagine, every client requires unique linkbuiding and citation solutions. To help you find the best resources in your niche, we included a tutorial at the bottom of this list that will teach you how to find even more citations resources to fit your company. These links will take you directly to the signup pages of the websites.

Are you new to local SEO? If so, make sure you keep your “NAP” (name, address, phone number) 100% consistent across every website. If you list your company as “company inc” on one site, do not list it as ‘company incorporated” on another site, or just “company.” I suggest you use a Google Doc with your companies’ information written down in your official format.

I will show you an example NAP (and consonantally give some nap-luv to a client).

Kern Carpet Cleaning
The Most Trusted Carpet Cleaner In Bakersfield, Ca.
(661) 331-6000
3001 Joshua Ct, Bakersfield, CA 93301
9am – 5pm

A lot of citation websites will want your hours of operation, a company description and a list of tags or categories. Write all that information down in your Google Doc as well. Remember that in local-search the rule of thumb is to as consistent as possible.

I’m also going throw this out there; For some reason business directories have TERRIBLE UX/UI. Adding your business listing is typically confusing and completely unintuitive. I would love to see business directories change this.

The Definitive List Of Local Citation Websites:

How To Find More Local Citation Websites:

Look In Your City

Look In Your Niches

Copy hotels, national chains, and local SEO heros.

Do a simple Google search of these companies NAP (Name Address & Phone Number.) You can copy all the research they have done to build your own list of local citation sites. These links will take you to Google searches of their NAPs.

Bookmark this page. We will continue to update this page with citation websites and local SEO tips.