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Require Social Shares To Unlock Code Snippets & Download Links

This Plugin Lets You Easily Put A “Share Wall” In Front Of Anything You Want To Give Away.

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SocialShare was created as an intuitive and beautiful way to require social shares before a user downloads or copies something from your wordpress site.

That’s right: This Share Wall can go in front of a code preview area or a download link!

Here’s How It Works

#1 Download:

First you need to download the plugin. We’ve decided to give away our plugin for free (for now) – all you have to do is share it on your favorite social network.

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Social Share


#2 The Short Code:

alternative to pay with a tweetAfter you’ve downloaded the plugin, install it on any WordPress site and activate it. To use this plugin, wrap something valuable in a shortcode (The shortcodes are all provided in your plugin’s settings dashboard).

Here are a few examples: Code snippets, Download links, Free Hot Chocolate.

#3 Easy Settings Dashboard

how to use social share wordpress pluginUse Social Share’s settings to decide which social networks you want to promote. You can choose from allowing visitors to share on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

That’s It. We Hope You Love Social Share

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Social Share

-Noble Creative

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