So, how much money do those darn Graphic Designers make anyway?

*This was written in 2009, and the data was taken from the US bureau of labor statistics. There are obviously people who make more and less than the salaries listed below.*

This article will teach you how much you should be making as a graphic designer. Obviously there are ways to beat the system, but on average you can expect to make a salary within one of these income-brackets.

This is one of those professions that have almost as few conventional standards as a group of hipsters! Trust me, this is a question that every designer has asked themselves on multiple occasions. I’ve decided to help out all of the other artists who are still looking for an answer to this question.

These statistics are all taken from the bureau of labor statistics and only apply to paid, employee level graphic design positions. As with everything, these are not limitations, rather standards and if you can imagine a greater possibility for yourself, then you should pursue that.

Although these statistics are generalized, I can tell you that our clients and team have worked on design projects (mostly with print and web design
) that range from the top of this spectrum all the way down to the entry level positions.
how much money will i make as a graphic designer

#1: Top Graphic Designers:

The top designers usually make between 50,000.00 and 95,000.00 a year. These are the kinds of postions held by people like David Butler, the Vice President of Design at Coke and Andy Hertzfeld, an original Designer for Apple, and most recently the UI designer for Google+ . These salaries are reserved for the best designers in the world. They are at the top of their game. Typically designers at these levels are actually making more then their company salary because they will have additional sources of revenue like shares of stock and personal freelance work.

#2: Software, Game and Technology Designers:

This kind of design is FUN! If you decide to get a graphic design job in a software company you will make a lot of money. These artists make video games and design the user interface (UI ) for computer programs such as Google Maps or Mozilla firefox. Software Graphic Designers will make between 43,000.00 and 58,000.00 a year.
#3: Advertising and Public Relations.

Jobs in this part of the design industry can span anywhere from making super bowl commercials to creating billboards next to the highway. If you are working as an AD/PR designer you will probably make between 35,000.00 and 45,000.00 a year.

#4: Print Design

Print design is by far the most common area of employment in the graphic design world. There are THOUSANDS of freelance and employed print media designers. In fact, The Us Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate that by 2018 there will be 323,293 employed graphic designers and a lot of them will work in this category. The competition here can be pretty intense, however, the competition is slightly counter balanced by the level of demand. Print designers are needed to create book covers, newspapers, magazine layouts, promotional material, directories, product packaging, even business cards. This is where most graphic designers start their careers. A talented and established print graphic artist should

#5: Entry Level Jobs

If you are just starting off as a graphic designer you may have found that it can be hard to make money at first, well, hang in there. A typical starting salary for a graphic designer is about 24,000.00 a year. This can be as an intern, as a freelance designer, or a variety of entry level positions. Luckily Graphic Design is one of those industries where experience is more important then traditional eduction ( usually ). While getting a degree in design can be beneficial if you are planning on advancing to management or director levels, you don’t need one when you’re starting off. The best advice I can give designers is just get out there and start making stuff. Even if you are designing for free, try to make something cool at least once a day. The more you practice the quicker you will advance.

I hope you enjoyed this tid-bit of Design FYI. I wold like to conclude by saying that Graphic Designers are the renaissance artists of the 21st century. We have the privilege of being paid to create art. Designers influence every area of our culture, I believe that designers will continue to gain more and more input into every area of society. These artists are responsible for creating clothes, furniture, signs, websites, books, magazines, commercials, home appliances, cars, traffic signals, product packaging, even the layout of city parks and tourist attractions.

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